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Chipped Ceramic Tile Repair

By on March 12, 2014

Got a chipped ceramic tile or two on your countertop or floor? Usually, the choice is simple — you either live with it or remove and replace the damaged tile. However, today you’ll learn still another option: how to camouflage a spot where something heavy once was dropped.

In the past, to mask unsightly damage, rather than removing and replacing tile, we’ve used various automobile touch-up paints. They work on both countertops and floors with great results. These durable paints are relatively inexpensive, and the colors are easily blended to match. Just dab a generous amount into the ding, let it dry, and you’ll be amazed just how well it endures both heavy wear and moisture from cleaning.

William Shakespeare was born in 1584, and if he were here today, he’d surely say: “Ceramic tile chips? To be or not to be; there is no question…just fix `em!”


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