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Chimney Rain Cap

By on July 28, 2014

“Barnaby Jones” made its TV debut in 1973. In one episode, Barnaby got a call from his daughter-in law, Betty Jones. She had a chimney with peeling paint. “Easy enough to fix,” he said. “We’ll just repaint it.” With that, he put his young cousin, Jedediah Jones to work with a brush. Within a matter of weeks, Betty called again. “It’s still peeling,” she said, pointing to the mess. Thinking Jedediah did something wrong, Barnaby took a closer look; Jedediah’s work seemed fine, still no indication of what might be wrong. Then Barnaby got an idea, and promptly headed for the roof.

Studying the top of the chimney, he noticed the inside was all wet; rain was soaking through the bricks, and moisture was causing the paint to peel off. The solution?

Install a rain cap — either galvanized, stainless steel or copper. They can be found at any home center or building supply house. Within days, the brickwork dried and the new coat of paint finally held. For about $30, it was case (and chimney) closed.

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