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Checking Your Electrical Connections

By on January 4, 2014

For electric wires to work safe and right, always connect them snug and tight!

Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706. He is credited with discovering electricity by flying his kite in a thunder storm. Today many homeowners still are discovering electricity — when loose wires come in contact with conductors, such as their fingers. This unpleasantness can be prevented by making sure wire connections are correct when you inspect or replace switches and outlets or any device where wire is secured under a screw.

All screws on electrical devices are right-handed, which means when you’re facing the screw, you turn to the right (or clockwise) to tighten it. Turning it left or counterclockwise will loosen it. Always be sure wires are properly looped around the body of the screw and looped in a clockwise direction, so that when the screw is tightened, it will also tighten up the loop. And never use stranded wire under a screw; it’s very unsafe and not allowed by the national electrical code. If ever you’re in doubt about your wiring, don’t guess, call an electrician like the ones from Electrical Outlet Services in Lafayette, Indiana.

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