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Changing A Wall Receptacle

By on March 5, 2014
replacing an electrical outlet


I want to repair a cracked plug in my family room. Is there anything special that I should know before doing it. Our plugs have 2 slots and a round hole.



Actually, electrical work is one of the safest home improvements. And replacing a receptacle is one of the easiest of electrical projects. Remember only one thing – Make sure the power is off while the work is being performed. Even with all of the power off make sure to have a voltage tester to insure that the power is really off. Usually there will be three wires attached to the old plug: one white, one black and one bare copper (occasionally green instead of bare). On the front of the plug you will note the one of the two long narrow slots is larger than the other. Connect the white wire to the side of the plug with the larger slots and connect the black wire to the opposite side of the plug. The bare wire should be connected to the green screw. Install the receptacle in the reverse order of removal.

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