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Certified Wood Update

By on January 4, 2014

Today, the rush for “good” wood is on

Some years ago, we told you about certified wood with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label. The label indicated lumber was from “managed” forests where trees are replenished and replaced — and ecosystems and wildlife habitats are faithfully maintained. At the time, only a few hundred companies worldwide were in the program.

Today, there are thousands, and the numbers are growing (ever since one of the big home center chains announced it would stop selling wood from endangered forests and start giving preference to certified lumber). Today, the rush for “good” wood is on. The trend now has spread to other home centers and many large lumberyards; even giant home builders are getting on board. A few years ago, it was a struggling idea, now its time has come. If you haven’t seen it yet, you soon will. Look for it and use it when you can.


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