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Ceramic Tile Over Vinyl Floors

By on July 28, 2014
Tile Grouting, Ceramic Tile

Ever since the “Roaring Twenties” ceramic tile floors have been the cat’s pajamas. But if you’ve already got a vinyl floor that’s looking kind of worn and shoddy how are you going to say “twenty-three skidoo”? Tear it up? Throw it out? Start from scratch? You don’t have to. Here’s why — and what to do. Even if your floor is worn, as long as it isn’t loose and coming up, you can put new ceramic tile directly on top easily.

First, use a belt sander to score the vinyl surface. Then apply two coats of bonding agent to help the adhesive hold better. Next carefully lay out chalk lines. Start laying tile from the center working outward toward the ends. Keep it simple; use pre-mixed mortar, working on small areas at a time.

Let it dry a full day before you grout, then use diluted white vinegar on a damp cloth to remove the haze and make it shine. You won’t believe the difference. Your little bungalow soon will be looking like the Hearst castle — and you’ll be putting on the Ritz. 

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