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Cement Based Roofing & Siding

By on March 3, 2014

Need super-strong, durable roofing and siding…that’s fireproof, rot- and insect-resistant too? Today you’ll learn why more and more homes are being clad with cement-based roofing and siding. The stone or brick walls you see on many homes may actually be a lightweight cast concrete veneer. Some siding with rich, deeply-embossed wood grain may also fool you, as it, too, is cement-based.

Even stucco, which has been around for many years, is true concrete of sorts. It’s made from a mixture of cement, lime, sand and water. Many imitation slate and tile roofs are also made of concrete and fiber cement. One big attraction is lighter weight — about half the 10 pounds per square foot of conventional tiles. Today’s thinner fibrous-cement tiles blend Portland cement and reinforcement fibers with lightweight mineral aggregates to achieve convincing looks from half round red, Mission-style, tile to thatched roofs and cedar shakes that outperform the originals in every way.

Concrete-based roofing and siding is definitely here to stay!

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