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Ceiling Ran Rotation Run Down

By on April 14, 2014

In 1878, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. A hundred years later, teenagers figured out there were also benefits when records were played backward. 

Same goes for ceiling fans; they increase comfort, save energy and can heat or cool — depending on which way they turn. Many ceiling fans have a forward and reverse switch.

In “forward,” blades turn clockwise and air blows down creating a breeze and cooling effect. This mode reduces summer air-conditioning costs.

In “reverse,” blades turn counterclockwise, pulling room air, up causing warm ceiling air to be gently pushed down outer walls and reducing winter heating costs and condensation.

But in reality, correct seasonal rotation really depends on where you sit in a room. Remember down-drafts cool occupants, so even if blades pull air up and force warm air down outer walls, if it’s where you sit, it might cool you, rather than warm you. Which direction is best? Experiment.

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