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Ceiling Fan – Seasonal Rotation Direction?

By on May 10, 2014
ceiling fan rotation direction


I read your article about ceiling fans (from last Sunday’s paper) and agree wholeheartedly about their use all season long. However, one of the things I’ve been puzzled about is which direction should the blades be moving to push warm air downwards (for winter) and vice versa? Should they rotate clockwise (looking up at them) or counterclockwise? And is it normal for it to take 4 years (from the purchase date) for one’s husband to install it? Thanks for your response – I’m going to write down your answer so I’ll always know.



When the leading edge of the fan blade is lower than the trailing edge air moves upward (winter position). When the leading edge of the blade is higher the air moves downward (summer position). In the summer you want the fan to blow air directly downward. This position has a cooling effect on those beneath. During the winter you want air to blow upward toward the ceiling this causes the hot air above to blow across the ceiling and down the walls. Warm air circulates throughout the room and absorbs condensation from windows and glass doors. This improves energy efficiency and reduces mildew at window sills.

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