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Handyman Wanted, What Should a Consumer Ask For?

By on March 5, 2014
give your handyman a work application form


A few years ago we answered an ad for a handyman to do a few odds and ends repairs to our home. He quoted us a license number and assured us he had expertise in his field. Well, his “expertise” was all in his mouth, and the whole affair was a near disaster!

Now, we are again in need. Mainly small carpentry repairs. Our doors need shortening, plus a few other repairs. Naturally, we are shy about answering any ads and word of mouth is not an option as we don’t know anyone in the area. Help!



We answer every question published in our column. We don’t want to make light of your plight, but the fact that you forgot to send your name and return address leads us to believe that you may have a tendency to get anxious or nervous when you are communicating with others. Since dealing with details is very important in the hiring process, a form we created will help make hiring easier.

As a reader of our column, you probably know that we strongly support the idea of engaging properly licensed folks to work on your home. By the same token, we feel that a license alone doesn’t qualify a person to make home improvements. A complete background check should be done on each applicant.

We have created a questionnaire that you can use to check out people who apply to work on your home. And we will provide it to you free for the asking. Simply send us a stamped, self addressed envelope care of this newspaper. Ask for the Work Application Form.

Once you receive our form, make several copies. Each person making an estimate should be required to fill out the form. It requires the applicants to write down important background information about themselves and the company represented. The signature on the form authorizes you to verify the information provided. This procedure should be done long before you begin to consider signing on the dotted line.

You will be amazed at how simple it is to hire someone when you know the right questions to ask. No method is perfect, but the form we offer will give you a fighting chance and the cost is “On The House” from the Carey Bros.

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