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Burglary and Security

By on February 16, 2014

How are burglars getting into America’s homes? Experts say 79 percent of break-ins are on the first floor, with 34 percent coming through the front door, 23 percent through a first-floor window and 21 percent by way of the back door.

The average loss in a residential burglary last year was just under $1,500. What are homeowners doing to stop these invasions? Spending on home burglar alarms increased by 6 percent in 2001, with the average system now costing about $700.

Such a system typically includes alarms for two doors and four windows as well as three heat-sensing motion detectors. Overall our home protection dollars were spent as follows: extra locks, 41 percent, automatic lighting 33 percent, security systems (as above), 18 percent, guard dogs, 5 percent and the purchase of weapons, 3 percent.

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