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Building a Retaining Wall

By on July 19, 2014

Heavy rains can cause soil to end up in locations where it otherwise wouldn’t be. These mud slides cause damage ranging from minor landscape repair to major structural work where mountainous soil has settled along the wall of a home.

Proper watershed, drainage systems and ground cover are a few ways to keep soil from eroding or moving. Where significant elevation changes in grade or a slope or hillside exist, a retaining wall might be needed. Such a wall can be constructed of stone, brick, concrete, steel or wood. A small wall can be constructed with minimal support. The higher the wall the more support needed. By far the most popular type of do-it-yourself retaining wall is constructed of wood. One key element to a sturdy, long-lasting wall is the quality of the material. Pressure-treated material will resist rot the best when in contact with soil. Avoid using old railroad ties. They have been soaked in toxic creosote which can leach into the soil.

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