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Building a Pool, What 4 Things You Need to Ask For

By on March 5, 2014
what to ask from a pool contractor

Building a swimming pool is no less complicated than any other major construction project, including the construction of a new home. There may not be as many details to address, but logistically speaking, the construction of an inground fiberglass pool can be considerably complex. When it comes to selecting a contractor, it’s important to know that state law requires swimming pool contractors to be licensed by the Contractor’s State License Board. One of the best means of, finding a, good contractor is personal recommendations from friends, relatives or neighbors who have recently had fiberglass pools installed. It’s also a good idea to solicit bids from more that one company, requesting them in writing for comparison of prices and details.

When considering a pool contractor be sure to ask for the following information:

  1. The contractor’s state license number. Licensed contractors are required to include their license number in all advertising, bids and contracts.
  2. A current business address and telephone number.
  3. Names, addresses, and phone numbers of homeowners for whom the contractor has worked in your area.
  4. Other references, such as suppliers, subcontractors and financial institutions, which may be able to verify the contractor’s financial responsibility.

In any case, once you have selected a pool construction contractor, make sure that everything is in writing and that much attention to detail has been made that is possible. Planning is the least expensive phase of any construction project.

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