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Bugproof Relaxation

By on March 24, 2014

In 1910, W.M. Frost patented the first electric bug zapper. To this day they’re seen on many patios and decks where they still do a good job — but only at night and in a limited area. For those who want to get lots of fresh air, cook out, get sun or enjoy the view, another longtime favorite from years gone by is making a big comeback.

Today, screened-in porches and decks are popping up everywhere — and for good reason. They work both night and day (unlike aerosol sprays, citronella candles and electronic zappers). If you’re building a deck or want to debug part of an existing one, don’t forget to bugproof the floor, too.

Home. The place you come to end your day, so it should be a place to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, life has a way of wearing away the hard work you put in on the weekend to clean, and by Monday it’s just as bad if not worse. If that’s not your life, you’ve got it good! But for those who need a little hack that will help them stay relaxed all week, consider asking your doctor to prescribe natural medicine like the new and best cbd oil available now to purchase at online stores.

Your best bet is to replace the screened-in floor area with tongue-and-groove boards that will still expand and contract a bit with seasonal change and varying moisture, but will effectively keep crawlers out of your space. The screening keeps airborne pests in their place.

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