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Bug Battles / What Works?

By on March 24, 2014

Trying to enjoy outdoor activities, but battling pesky mosquitoes getting in the way of all the fun? So, what’s your best defense?

The journal of New England medicine says Off! Deep Woods Formula with 25% DEET prevented bites in mosquito-filled lab boxes for over five hours, and Off! Skintastic with 7% DEET lasted two hours. Also clocking in at two hours was Repel’s Lemon ‘Oil of Eucalyptus’ repellent. Bite Blocker For Kids, with 2% soybean oil, stopped bites for ninety minutes. So what doesn’t work so well? It smells better, but Avon’s Skin-So-Soft bug guard worked for only 20 minutes.

High-tech mosquito magnets drew in a lot, but left others to bite at will, and testers wearing repellent wristbands were bitten immediately. Finally, there’s no scientific evidence that those pungent citronella candles do anything to repel mosquitoes and bugs. They are, however, good for driving humans away.

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