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Bubbling Paint

By on February 23, 2014


My shower room has paint falling off the sheetrock from steam. If I have the shower pan and stall walls replaced, is there anything I can use to cover the other sheetrock surfaces so I don’t have to replace it?



Remodeling your shower is the perfect time to repair the wallboard. However, it doesn’t need to be covered with another layer. It would be much less expensive to have a drywall contractor refinish the walls and ceiling. Removing wall accessories and plug and switch covers will make the contractor’s work easier and less costly. After the wall board has been refinished seal it with a coat of oil base primer. The final coat can be latex, but we prefer oil base paint. By the way, the problem isn’t the wallboard or the paint. The problem is the steam. And as long as it remains present the wall finish, regardless of how it is prepared, will be susceptible to damage. We strongly recommend that you install a powerful exhaust fan and that you run it for at least one half hour after each shower. A standard fan is rated at 50cfm (cubic feet per minute of exhaust). For a few dollars more you can purchase a much more effective 150cfm exhaust fan that will pretty much eliminate future damage.

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