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Broken Screw Prevents Repair

By on March 6, 2014
how to remove a broken screw, Anti-bacterial Hand Soap


We were going to replace our hot and cold handles on our tub, but the screw head is broken. Now we cant get it off. It’s only on the one side, the cold handle. Any ideas?



A. First, drill through the screw. Start by using a pin punch to make a countersink hole dead center in the exposed end of the broken screw. This will insure that the drill bit won’t wobble as you begin drilling. The bit should be the same diameter as the screw (inside of thread to inside of thread). Once you have drilled the full depth of the screw the handle will slip right off. Use a tap to clean the threads in the exposed valve stem. If the valve stem threads are damaged beyond repair the valve stem/assembly will have to be replaced. Make sure the house water is off before attempting this procedure. When the valve stem has been replaced the existing screw hole will be ready to accept your new handle. By the way, while the water is off why not replace both valves.

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