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Blocking Backup

By on January 4, 2014

Repair and improvement backup “blocking” today adds extra support tomorrow

In the world of theater and on movie sets, “blocking” tells actors where to go. Repair and improvement “blocking” helps in your home, too. When you open a wall or build and have exposed framing, take time to think ahead about things you might want to install in the future. This could include drapery, a valence, towel bars or even wall shelves. Then on both sides of window openings, install a generous 2 by 10 (or 12) wood block between the studs just below the top plate, at each end of the header. Nail it flush with the inside edge of the studs. Later you’ll have a solid backing for any curtains and accessories you want to install. Do the same backup “blocking” anywhere else you think you might need extra support later on (like for grab bars and wall-mounted accessories). Just as in the theater and movies, carefully planned “blocking” makes for an outstanding “curtain call” when your project is through.

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