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Bleeding Paint

By on April 15, 2014
stripping paint from wood floors


I have stripped the paint from and sanded the woodwork in my bathroom. I am having a problem with a small amount of paint bleeding through the stain. It was not visible before I applied the stain, but appears as the stain dries. How can I solve this problem?



Jeff, You are now a bonafide wood refinisher. You have learned how difficult it is to completely remove ALL of the paint from wood. Fact is, 2- to 3-coats of paint stripper must be applied and brass-brushed away AFTER you are positive that you have already removed all of the paint. This is because narrow strips of paint always remain beneath the surface and between the wood fibers. The bad side is that the paint is still there. The good side is that you are ALMOST finished with the paint removal process. And, good luck!

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