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Better Vacuuming

By on July 15, 2014
Woman Vacuuming

While upright vacuum cleaners are popular, outselling canister models by a five-to-one margin, both have drawbacks for some people.

Are you allergic to dust or do you need quiet in your home? A built-in central vacuuming system might be your answer. It offers powerful deep cleaning, leaves indoor air virtually dust-free, and is so quiet others can sleep while you clean. Installing one yourself is easy. For an average unit with a 30-foot hose, you need only a few outlets connected by ordinary PVC pipe, glued together. Plug in the hose (it starts up automatically) and super-quiet “space age” house cleaning begins.

There are all sorts of nifty gadgets, too, like a dust sensor shutoff when everything’s clean, or a high-tech dustpan (just sweep dust and dirt over to it with a broom and “poof” it’s gone). For maximum quiet, put the power unit in the garage or basement. And for the cleanest air, vent unit exhaust outdoors. Then breathe easy and let others sleep peacefully. 

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