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Best Advice for DIYers & Project Managers, Part 5

By on September 5, 2019


In my previous blog posts, I shared my experiences with the design process, the unpacking and tear-out process, and the installation process, and the reveal. In this, my final blog post, I look back over my shoulder, reflect on the total process and share some, what I hope will be, sage advice.

If you’re a DIYer, you can be easily mislead by “reality fix-up” TV shows. In my opinion, they are anything but real. They paint a picture that is both unrealistic in terms of time and money. And, they often focus on “sizzle” without regard to the “steak” associated with a project. These programs lead innocent and inexperienced viewers to believe that Rome was indeed built in a day. Not so!


Successful projects take lots of time in the planning phase – often more than the production and installation phase. And the ridiculous budgets portrayed couldn’t be further from reality. They are almost always a fraction of the real cost of executing a project and set unrealistic expectations. It is these expectations that make it particularly hard on a pro remodeler like myself [What’s the kitchen remodel timeline?].

First, don’t be in a hurry. Take time to consider what it is you want out of your new kitchen or bathroom. What is it about your existing space that you would like to change? What features have you seen that are “must haves” and what is it about your existing configuration or layout that you simply can’t live with? What accessories are you dreaming about that you want to incorporate into your new cabinets and what style and finish (color) do you think will make you the happiest [Where do I get the best design ideas?].


As important as your “dream list” is your budget or what you are willing to invest in your project. Your designer – and you should always enlist the services of a professional designer – will need to have some idea of budget so that he or she can design to your budget [What does it cost to remodel a kitchen?].

Be open to change. I am an aging baby boomer and have been raised on the brick-and-mortar retail experience. I have found myself enjoying the online shopping experience more and more. It is convenient, efficient and it can be done from the comfort of my home or office. Think that online shopping is limited to small purchase and cabinets may be too big an item? Think again! You can order a brand spanking new Tesla online. How’s that for a convenient shopping experience!


All of these tips are relevant to my pro colleagues and I am certain that much of what I have to offer resonates with their experienced brains. Like me, some pros may be reluctant to order a kitchen full of cabinets online because they are used to custom or showroom modular purchasing. What do I have to say to that? Get over it!


You and your clients will both benefit from the online shopping experience. Having a capable design professional as an advocate for your company will make you a hero with your clients. Having the CliqStudios team in your corner to make sure that every detail is tended to so that the finished product will be the most attractive, efficient and cost effective as you and your client envision.


Take it from me, you don’t have to compromise quality, production schedules or customer service with an online experience. In this case, less is MORE! Let energy, less worry, less hiccups and less money!

Your key to a new and exciting online cabinet design and purchase experience is only a Cliq away.

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