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Beat the Heat with Attic Vents

By on February 22, 2014

In the summer, air conditioners and fans run and spin around the clock to keep homes cool and comfortable. But often they work harder than they should, and use more energy than necessary. This is because attics aren’t ventilated properly. In a home, hot air rises and, if it can’t escape, it makes fans and air conditioners work harder.

If you increase attic ventilation by adding eave vents, gable vents or a ridge vent or a wind-driven turbine or two, you have a natural pass-through escape route for hot air. And cooler air is drawn in naturally down below.

The addition of an attic fan moves hot air out even faster. And a whole-house fan works even better and more efficiently by drawing fresh air in at many points, including the normally hot, hot, hot attic. It will exhaust the hot air through various roof and gable vents.

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