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Bathtub Restoration

By on January 4, 2014

Can’t afford to replace your tub with one that’s new? Here are a few options — from us to you

Does your tub have so many chips that it looks like a dalmatian or Bonnie and Clyde’s last stand? If you can’t afford to replace it with one that’s new, here are a few options from us to you. Hide small cracks and chips with a do-it-yourself touchup paint. They’re similar to those for cars and other appliances, but are made especially for bathtubs. There are paints to match most standard colors and, while inexpensive, they’re also least attractive. Spots will be gone, but the finish won’t be perfectly smooth either.

Another option is professionals who will recoat the entire tub with a painted-on finish that looks like porcelain. It’s cost-effective, looks fairly good and will last about three to five years. But a new, even longer lasting answer recently has come on the market. The one-piece acrylic tub liner is bonded with special adhesive; edges are caulked, fully covering the old tub like a crowned tooth. You can match or even change colors. And the makers claim over 200 styles to fit any tub. It’s what you can do if your tub’s gone to the dogs.

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