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Bathtub and Fixture Refinishing

By on April 15, 2014
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In the past I have seen several advertisements about refinishing bathtubs, sinks, and other bathroom fixtures. Now I’m in the market for this service, and I can’t find a single advertisement anywhere! The bathtub in my house has lost its sheen and seems to be getting dingier each day. What method do you suggest to restore the enameled finish, short of replacing the tub? Also, how do I go about finding someone qualified to perform this type of work?



The process you refer to is called bathtub and fixture refinishing. This is where the existing fixture is in sound structural condition, but may have a chip here or there or may have a dated, ugly color. Repairing chips and refinishing the bathtub will not only improve the longevity of the fixture but can do wonders to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Needless to say, this method is not for everyone. If you are planning extensive remodeling and repair work that will require removal of the existing tub, you will find that the cost of a new tub may be only slightly more than to refinish the existing one.Bathtub refinishing contractors tell us that you can expect to spend anywhere from $300, for a standard white finish, to about $450 for a special color.

The process includes a chemical cleaning, followed by a chemical etching that prepares the surface to accept the new finish. Then, any chips are repaired, and, finally, the new finish is applied. The result is a smooth and porcelain like surface. Most companies are able to perform the work in a 24-hour period. Many firms offer a written warranty of one to five years.

How to find these guys? Let your fingers do the walking. They can be found in the Yellow Pages under bathtubs!

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