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Bathroom Timer Switch

By on February 14, 2014

Today you’ll learn how to start your year off right, with a bathroom switch that controls more than light. Indeed, if you’re like most, you don’t run your bathroom exhaust long enough to remove all the moisture from a steamy hot shower or long relaxing bath.

The result? Grout lines turn dark with mildew, and wallpaper starts peeling off (to name but a few!) What’s needed is a complete exchange of room air, which takes about 20 minutes of bathroom fan time. To make this easy, you can pick up an automatic bathroom timer switch with four presets (5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes) as well as a conventional on/off switch.

It installs in just a few minutes and only costs about $20. Pick one up and install it, then check off ,one good deed on your New Year’s resolutions and get on with watching football!

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