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Bathroom Improvement Tips

By on September 17, 2015

A bathroom can (and should!) be much more than a utilitarian space in the home. In the best circumstances, it will be a place to gather your wits for the day ahead and a refuse where you can unwind before bed.

But building a better bathroom is necessary before you can truly relax in this space. To create the perfect at-home oasis, consider these ideas.

Bathroom Improvements

Coordinate Your Bathroom

If you have ever replaced an appliance or fixture in your bathroom by necessity, you may have unintentionally created an uncoordinated look. If you’re tired of being mismatched, particularly in a space where you seek serenity, consider upgrading all your fixtures at once within one suite collection. Such coordination can provide a striking combination of style and performance.

Suite collections are easy ways to create a unified look. For example, collections from Mansfield Plumbing include the Enso Suite, a contemporary look with sleek lines, and the Waverly Suite, offering a traditional English-inspired design. Suites include the essential toilets, sinks and bathtubs, and in some cases, whirlpools or air massage tubs; and are also customizable for variables like size and optional fixtures. What’s more, this route makes good financial sense, as a suite collection offers less hassle and better value over a la carte purchases.

Bathroom Improvements

Windows With No Views

What’s the point of beautiful expansive windows when you only plan to cover them up with boring blinds or shades? To solve the age-old bathroom conundrum of needing natural light but wanting solitude and privacy, think differently about your windows. Decorative privacy windows make for an ideal solution, with adornments and finishes that keep away prying eyes.

To match a privacy window to your interior design needs, consider those options from a brand like Hy-Lite, which offers vinyl-framed windows with silk-screened design styles inspired by a range of architectural schools of thought. Their Home Designer Collection offers diverse styles, including the Metro window, inspired by modern architecture, and the Prairie window with a transitional design versatile enough to accommodate many aesthetics.

Icing on the Cake

Decorative millwork can offer your bathroom elegance and luxury. Remember, bathrooms are humid, so look for moisture-resistant polyurethane moulding and accent pieces, such as those from Fypon. These quick do-it-yourself ideas can be completed in an hour or two when using pieces that are pre-primed and ready for installation.

         • Install a set of pilasters on both sides of your shower stall and a door crosshead overhead.

         • Surround mirrors with lightweight polyurethane mouldings. Paint, faux finish or stain the mouldings to complement the bathroom.

         • Install a small wall niche in a focal point of the room to display a flower arrangement or artwork.

         • Add distinction to the room with crown mouldings.

         • Give cabinets and shelving dimension and visual appeal with brackets or corbels.

         There’s no place like home. And within your home, there’s no place like the bathroom. Give this important room your full attention when making home upgrades.

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