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Bathroom Fans: Silence is Golden

By on April 22, 2014

Do you have a bathroom fan that you hate to turn on? One that sounds like a jet taking off whenever it runs? Today you’ll learn how exhaust fans that are remote, hit just the right note (a quiet one).

A quiet bathroom fan is more important than you think. When it’s too noisy, it often isn’t running long enough to draw out all the moisture in the air or to dry floor, ceiling and wall condensation. This results in certain mildew, and possible mold. And while some expensive models do run more quietly, another still-quieter option exists with remote-mounted exhaust fans.

One central fan is located either up in the attic or outside on an exterior wall or on the roof — with one or more ducts running wherever you choose. It’s not only quiet, but air intake vents are smaller, too. When you flip the switch on these units, all you hear is the gentle movement of air. Boosters make multiple-room venting possible, too. And, you can skip the switch by adding motion sensors with timers.

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