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Bathroom Design Tips

By on May 11, 2014

While bathroom design is mostly a matter of taste, there are some basic rules to keep in mind.

Don’t overwhelm your space by cramming too much into a small bathroom (like a big lavish whirlpool tub in a tiny 5 by 7 space). Doing so takes away from the room and is a waste.

Also consider safety. Tile is slippery when wet; so add anti-slip coatings, nonskid area rugs and handrails in places water and condensation tend to collect.

Also consider who’ll be using the room; are they tall or short? This determines the height of everything, from counters to towel bars. Sight lines are important, too; when the door is open, would you rather see the toilet or a beautiful vanity? Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting — both for functional tasks and pure glamour.

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