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Basic Backyard Barbecue Tips

By on March 5, 2014

It’s that time again when cooking shifts from Mom in the kitchen to Dad and the backyard barbecue. But before firing up, here are a few things dads should do for even better barbecues.

First, make sure the grill is clean and in good working order. For gas grills, be sure the LP tank is full, and burner holes are free of debris. For standard barbecues, learn how different woods and charcoals perform. They burn at different rates and give off different heat.

Always allow plenty of time to get coals hot. The art of barbecueing lies in slow cooking and not letting flames or flare-ups touch your food. The mouth-watering flavor of barbecue comes from juices dropping on hot coals producing puffs of smoke that flavor food through and through. You also can add a smoked flavor with wood chips wrapped in tin foil — with small holes on top placed directly on the hot coals.

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