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Balance the Load, Find Your Center

By on March 25, 2014

Got big stuff to move or carry — all by yourself? Like paneling, lumber, ladders, or a mirror? Anything large you have to carry without a helper is much easier when you can maintain the balance of the load.

It pays to know the exact center point at which to grab and hold ahead of time (before you attempt to do any bulky heavy lifting that must be done when you are working alone). For one-time big stuff such as lumber and drywall, measure and mark off the center point — both top and bottom — with a pencil to indicate where hands or carry straps should go.

For other items that you use and move on a fairly regular basis, like ladders, scaffolding, and long-handled tools, measure and mark the center permanently with paint or scratch in an identifying mark that will make repeated loading and unloading or carrying from point A to point B easy. Remember balance lends a helping hand when you are a middle man.

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