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Baking Soda Can Do Anything: Cleans, Shines.

By on March 25, 2014

The first Webster Dictionary was published on this day in 1828. In it, Webster defines baking soda as ‘sodium bicarbonate’ with a lot of mumbo-jumbo about chemical reaction, soda ash and carbon dioxide. In one of our books, we state things simpler. Baking soda is a virtual do-anything do-everything bonanza.

Here are just a few uses: in your dishwasher, it deodorizes and cleans inside. As a paste, it cleans smudges on wallpaper and shines porcelain, jewelry and coins. On bee stings, it lessens the pain, and it’s an emollient for softer, smoother skin. For pets, use 2 tablespoons in bathwater as shampoo. In cold weather, use in powder form as a dry shampoo. Either way, it adds softness and luster to their coat.

The deodorizing ability of baking soda in powder form for cars is legendary. Three parts baking soda in 1-part water foams away acid buildup on battery terminals. Want more? Try this on for size, you can even bake with it.

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