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Bait and Switch-It’s a crime

By on January 30, 2014
bait and switch

It was Monday and I was working the homeowner bunco division with my partner, Detective Frank Lee Scarlett. I’m Joe Friday, product cop. We’re on our way to Burbank to investigate a 10-99, “bait and switch,” not a pretty picture. We have a report that you were bamboozled. You saw a bargain price advertised but the item was sold out when you got there, so they sold you a more expensive one. Bait and switch. We’ve, seen it a million times. It’s illegal unless the merchant indicates in his advertisement that there’s a limited supply available. If they do not, call the Better Business Bureau. It happens with home improvements, too. Contractors can low ball an estimate and jack up the price after you sign. Bait and switch is everywhere. Keep your eyes open; it’s a crime.

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