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Automobile Recalls

By on January 3, 2014

Before hitting the road (and throttle), you better check your make and model!

Road Runner cartoons debuted in 1966, with a clever bird avoiding highway danger by outwitting Wile E. Coyote. But when you’re out and about on highways and byways, who wants to depend on being clever when it comes to avoiding auto trouble and danger? Every year, one out of every 12 cars are recalled for needed repairs or fixes. Is yours one of them?

Here’s how to check your make and model before you hit the road and the throttle! Go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website at NHTSA.DOT.GOV, click on Recalls, enter your auto info (year, make, model, etc.) and you’ll find out if any recalls exist. We tried it, and found there was one for our car: A defroster fix to ensure defogging visibilty. Zowie! You can bet we were on the phone pronto, and at our dealer’s shortly thereafter.

Check your make and model before you hit the road? and the throttle!

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