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Automatic Closet Light

By on July 25, 2014
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When you open a refrigerator the light comes on. How would you like that feature in a closet? All you need is a spring-loaded jamb switch and some basic carpentry and electrical skills.

The automatic light switch is mortised (in a chiseled notch) into the hinge side of the closet doorjamb. When the door opens, the light turns on, and when the door closes, the light turns off. Power has to be run from the light to the switch. Many times, removing the door casing does the trick. Tools needed are a drill, chisel and screwdriver.

When wiring it, the hot wire (most often black) runs to the switch then back to the light fixture. Electrical supply houses sell jamb switches as do hardware stores and home centers. If you’re unsure about either the carpentry or the electrical work, consult a pro. Then — as with a refrigerator — it’s door open, light on, door closed, light off.

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