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Artistic Walkways

By on July 15, 2014
flag stone walkway

Are you planning to repair or put in a concrete walkway? It doesn’t have to be straight as an arrow. Before you bring out the cement, sand, stone, shovel, forms and wheelbarrow, read on about how to add a few swivels and swerves that will have folks saying “hey, nice curves.” While straight walks and square corners are easy, so are rounded ones and gentle curves. All you have to know is how to build the form correctly.

For long gentle curves, regular plywood is OK as long as it is closely staked for proper support.

For a tighter radius, like rounded corners, purchase special wood called “bender board.” It’s far more flexible and is made for just this type of forming. It, too, needs to be properly staked, which means “close together” to maintain support. Before you walk the straight and narrow ask yourself, “does it have to be straight as an arrow” or would you rather have them say: “hey, nice curves!” 

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