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Area Rug Corners Under Control

By on March 5, 2014

Got rug corners that won’t stay put, that curl, lift up, and don’t look so good? Today you’ll learn how to make them lay flat and to keep them down! From deep within the Carey Brothers vault of “flat-out” really good ideas, we corner the market on tips for rugs!

Indeed, it says here when corners on area rugs start to curl and lift up off the floor (as they all seem to do), just pick up a peel-and-stick vinyl floor tile a foot square or more (the bigger the better.) With a pair of scissors or a utility knife, trim off each of the four corners to form four large triangles.

Then peel off the backing and stick each one to the underside of the rug right where corners are curling up. The tile will straighten the unsightly curl, and the extra weight will help keep corners flat and in place right where they are!

To improve the appearance of your rugs, you may hire an oriental rug cleaning company. They can also help remove the pollutants or allergens stuck on the dirty rugs.

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