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April Showers, Brings Gutter Cleaning Time

By on February 14, 2014
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Butch Cassidy was born in 1866. In the movie about him and the Sundance Kid, the song about raindrops became famous.

Today, that song is a good reminder for homeowners that April showers will bring headaches if you don’t fix the leaks, drips and puddles that come with that damp month. Before the next downpour, clean out gutters and look for holes and rusting.

If you’ve got rust, clean with a wire brush and rust chemicals. Then patch with roofing cement or gutter sealer. Fix leaks at joints with the same compounds, and paint to protect bare metal and to blend in.

Then inspect the roof with binoculars and walk around the house looking for winter damage. When it rains, check the attic for leaks, and when it quits, check outside again, looking for low spots where water collects. Fill in with dirt for better runoff and drainage away from the house.

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