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Appliance trouble – Part 2: Check

By on January 3, 2014

Check your appliances

It’s Christmas Eve and time for holiday guests. Your freezer isn’t freezing, the stove won’t heat, the dishwasher won’t wash, and there’s no time to call in a repairman. Don’t panic — there might be a simple answer. In part 2 of appliances trouble, we address things that repair people often are called in for which they acknowledge you could easily fix yourself.

“Freezer isn’t freezing” could be ice forming on the rear wall due to a worn seal — letting warm air in. Just unplug it, let it defrost and replace the door seal. “No icemaker” could mean the sensor arm is stuck in the up position. “Electric stove burner won’t heat” might mean the coil isn’t firmly plugged into the stovetop socket. “Gas burner won’t light.” Try clearing the holes with a pin. “Dishwasher won’t wash” — the inlet valve may be corroded and clogged. offers step by step instructions to easily replace this inexpensive little part.

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