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Q&A: How to prepare aluminum siding for repainting?

By on September 20, 2016
painting aluminum siding

Q. My asbestos shingled house has a small addition that is covered with aluminum siding. The single coat of paint is peeling in spots right down to the bare metal. How do I properly prepare these surfaces for painting and what type of paint should I use? Would it be wiser to re-side with vinyl? Honey C.

A. Our concern is not so much that the paint on your addition is peeling. We are more concerned about the visual impact that the two different types of siding might have on the curb-appeal of your home. To maintain the homes value it is always best to do everything possible to cause the addition not to look like an addition. That means details such as roof pitch, roofing material, overhang size and material, foundation height, wall height, window style, interior finishes and exterior siding should match that which currently exists as closely as possible.

Since the metal siding is in such disrepair and the balance of the home is covered by asbestos which could eventually become a health hazard, we recommend that you opt for re-siding the entire house with vinyl. While we are not big fans of vinyl siding, in this case we believe that it will not only improve the appearance of your home, it will enhance its value and make it more maintenance-free.

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