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Ant Invasion in Your Home?

By on February 19, 2014

You walk into the kitchen and a parade of ants is having a field day on your countertop. What do you do? Grab the ant spray and give them a blast or two. It’s all-out war. When it’s over, you wind up throwing away food and cleaning up a toxic, smelly mess.

But there are other weapons that ants absolutely hate and you’ll love — because they’re clean, nontoxic and safe.

Try using soapy water in a spray bottle (ants hate it). Set the dog’s or cat’s dish in a pie pan of soapy water. Here’s another Carey Brothers family secret. Instead of poison powders and toxic sprays, use spice-rack chili powder. Inside or out it’s safe, inexpensive, nontoxic and ants avoid it like the plague.

This summer wage a safe nontoxic war on ants with weapons that blast them and not you. For severe ant infestations, you may need the services of an ant exterminator.

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