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By on January 26, 2014

I am shopping for a burglar alarm system and am looking for a little insight. I would appreciate any help that you could offer.



Don’t be “alarmed”, but there is no such thing as an absolutely burglar proof alarm system. However, a good alarm system will help deter and/or detect most burglars, and will give you peace of mind. According to the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA) the best alarm system protects the entire perimeter of a home (that is every door and window where entry may be made) and areas inside where valuables are kept.Most reputable alarm companies will install and maintain a local alarm system which will ring a bell or sound a siren or buzzer on the premises.

Many firms also provide central reporting alarms which silently signal the alarm company’s headquarters to dispatch police or perhaps alarm company agents. Some companies will offer direct alarm connection to the local police or fire department, if permitted by local law.

The basic home-protection system is a simple closed-circuit loop system consisting of contacts on doors and windows. There is also a choice of additional interior protection using pressure mats, photoelectric beams, ultrasonic, infrared and microwave systems and other motion or space-detection devices. Most residential systems are designed to ring a bell and/or illuminate the area to scare off an intruder.

Remember, never sign a contract that does not specifically detail the points of protection and does not itemize the equipment to be installed.

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