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Air King Offers Ventilation Solution for Historic Renovation

By on April 8, 2018

Air King Ventilation

Given today’s airtight construction and the sealing of every opening, maximizing air circulation and improving indoor air quality is especially important.

The good news is there are fewer drafty homes due to more stringent energy codes, which means improved comfort and lower utility bills.

The bad news is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor air quality as five times more polluted than outdoor air.

The Solution

The best news is that Air King, a leading manufacturer of ventilation products, has come to the rescue by creating a full line of home ventilation products that quietly improve indoor air quality with maximum efficiency.

One of the Air King ventilation solutions that we’ve installed at 604 is QuFRESH– a continually operating exhaust fan that brings in a constant flow of fresh outside air. It’s a smart system that senses motion, humidity, and temperature to maximize indoor air quality and prevent mold and mildew.

All the Air King ventilation solutions that we have installed throughout 604 are quiet, high-efficiency, and add significant value.

As a builder, we look for brands and products that are reliable and will provide our customers with the best in comfort and performance.

And that’s why, when it came to ventilation and indoor air quality for 604 we turned to Air King. Air King offers one of the most complete lines of ENERGY STAR certified-solutions in ventilation products on the market today. Products include Bathroom Exhaust Fans, Whole House Continuous Operation Exhaust Fans, Under Cabinet Range Hoods, Professional Range Hoods and more.

All Air King products are engineered to exceed your expectations for style, performance, and quality while enhancing the indoor air quality of the home. Our products focus on optimizing healthy airflow and exhausting unwanted particulates– all without a sound.

The ventilation products installed in this home allow you to extract a certain amount of cubic feet of moist and/or odiferous air per minute, using the electricity of a night light.

It runs continuously and no one is going to hear it. The system also operates with a more energy-efficient DC motor connected to two air ducts, running automatically using three-tenths of an amp and requiring one circuit for all four motors, all on one breaker.

“The constant flow of our system creates a healthy environment for the homeowners, Mike and Robin. They’re getting our latest technology. Our products are especially a perfect fit for, Mike, who enjoys car restoration and building furniture in his remodeled garage,” says Jeff Kenkelen, president of Air King

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