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Air Conditioner Blowing Circuit

By on March 5, 2014
how to find the culprit on a blown circuit


Why can’t I keep my air conditioner running? The existing 110V cooler has worked without fail in the same plug for about 10 years. Now, when my wife turns the lamp on while it’s running, the breaker pops. The lamp also has been in use for years.



Sorry, but most modern appliances (air conditioners, compactor, dishwasher, microwave, disposal, etc.) require a dedicated electric circuit (only one plug on one circuit breaker meant for use by one device). In fear of “losing a deal” the seller of a new electrical appliance (usually costing in the hundreds of dollars these days) may be reluctant to inform you that proper installation of the gadget will probably cost as much as, if not more than, the original price of the appliance.Solution: If the lamp and the cooler are both in good order, and have been working together (in the same circuit) without fail for years chances are something else on the circuit has changed or gone awry. To find the real culprit, you must first find out what lights, plugs and other devices are connected to the popping breaker. To do this simply turn off all the breakers (except the main one and the one the cooler is on). Turn on every light switch on the property and make a list. Next, use a small portable electric appliance (a hand mixer or electric drill, will do), and check every receptacle on the property. Is there anything new in the way of lighting on the circuit (including higher wattage bulbs)? How about the plugs? Hopefully you have inadvertently added something in another room that you can disconnect and bring the load down to a bearable limit for your circuit breaker.

If you find that nothing has changed, then a call to an electrician is definitely in order. There may be a connection in the line coming loose, and faulty electrical circuits are not the sort of things homeowners should try to fix.

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