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Aging-in-Place Home Comforts for Baby Boomers

By on October 14, 2018


Make room for the Baby Boomers. By 2029, when all Baby Boomers will be aged 65 and above, that means more than 20 percent of the U.S. population will be over the magical retirement age of 65.* Those numbers, coupled with a desire for staying in their homes longer, mean people will be seeking out more comfortable ways to live in their existing houses.

From decisions to seek out master bedroom spaces on the first floor to requesting low maintenance products, Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) are playing an important role in determining the future of the housing industry. With 71.4 million Baby Boomers aged 65 or older expected in the U.S. by the year 2029**, many companies are offering products and ways to make senior living easier for this vast audience.

“We’re definitely hearing that Baby Boomers are looking to protect their privacy in first-floor living areas,” says Roger Murphy, president of Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company. “That desire can easily be achieved by adding privacy windows to the home.”

Tips for Aging-in-Place

Murphy offers three primary tips related to windows for anyone wishing to “age in place” comfortably in their homes.

Tip #1Select windows that are easy to operate. “Push and pull” double and single hung windows can be hard on the back and joints. Choose easy-to-open slider windows that glide along a track along with casement, awning and hopper windows that have simple, smooth crank out operations.

Tip #2Look at key areas of the home to add privacy windows. Whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen or closet, a privacy window can keep out prying eyes of “too close” neighbors.

Tip #3Request low maintenance frames on windows. Vinyl frames, known for their easy-care cleaning, can be the best choice for windows. A simple wipe of the frames on both the inside and outside of the frame restores their beauty.

“We offer both acrylic block and decorative glass windows that are easy-to-operate, provide privacy in the home and don’t require ongoing maintenance hassles,” says Murphy. “In addition to their practicality, these windows add style to a home design and allow people to personalize their livings spaces.

“Baby Boomers can make positive changes to their current homes for long-term living. Adding privacy windows is one of those changes. Existing hard-to-open windows can be replaced quickly by a contractor, making window operations simpler in the future.”

Shutter Up

Baby Boomers craving privacy in their homes, but dedicated to keeping their existing windows, can still find an easy solution with Hy-Lite products.

“We manufacture acrylic block interior shutters that serve as a stylish alternative to traditional window treatments,” says Murphy. “Our prefabricated panels install over existing windows on the inside of the home. They can be created in custom shapes and sizes to meet even the most difficult-to-fill opening.

“Once installed, a homeowner can easily open and close their interior shutters to regulate the amount of light flow and privacy that comes into the room. Along with being effortless to operate, these interior shutters also add decorative style to the home.”

A 26-page Privacy by Design catalog featuring all privacy windows and products from Hy-Lite can be requested for free by calling 1-888-256-2599 or by sending a request to

Hy-Lite, a U.S. Block Windows Company, is the leading manufacturer of the acrylic block, glass block, and decorative glass windows. The company’s privacy product options include acrylic block shutters, accent panels, radius walls, partition walls, and door inserts. Since 1988, the Pensacola, Florida-based company has been committed to providing residential and commercial construction professionals and homeowners with elegant, affordable privacy window designs. For more information, visit

* – The United States Census Bureau

** – The Population Reference Bureau

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