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Adding Blown Insulation

By on December 12, 2013
blow-in insulation

Are you planning to add insulation when you remodel, but want to avoid outside holes where it’s blown in? Today you’ll learn how to increase insulation while reducing cosmetic frustration. Here’s how: Extra insulation is an investment that pays for itself again and again over the years. But getting into the walls without too much damage is the challenge for blown insulation. The method of choice involves drilling holes in outside walls so loose-fill can be blown in between the studs. But, it leaves one’s home looking like a bombed-out building — with visible patches where insulation was added. However, if you’re also doing some inside remodeling, you might be in luck, because you can add fill from the inside instead. Patching 1-inch holes in drywall is a lot easier and cheaper than in exterior walls. You might consider this alternative even if you’re not remodeling. Try accessing stud cavities from above or down below, too. Attics and basements are always the path of least resistance. And that’s the On The House tip for today.

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