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Add a floor recepticle

By on January 30, 2014
Floor receptacles

American Bandstand debuted in 1957, getting hip teenagers out on the dance floor. Today, homes with larger rooms than ever are getting homeowners out on the floor too…where they’re putting couches, chairs and lamps in the middle of rooms rather than just along outer walls. This requires an ever-increasing number of extension cords running from wall outlets to centrally-located electronics. As the numbers of outlets grow, so does the hazard they present.

The simple solution is adding a few floor outlet receptacles. Basically, it’s just more electrical outlets in the middle of rooms (where you need them!) Today, adding them is easier than ever. New kits include a pre-wired round floor box with a watertight brass flange and cover and a hole saw for easy installation. Just cut a hole, mount the box, hook up the wiring, and choose the plug-in connection you want (regular electric plugs or communication jacks.) Then power up, ditch all those messy cords, and put on some cool rock and roll!

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