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Acrylic Tubs and Showers

By on February 19, 2014

Do you think that only porcelain enamel bathtubs are of high quality? That other types won’t wear or hold up as well?

Tubs and showers made of acrylic are tough. A few early tub and shower alternatives, such as flimsy gelcoat-fiberglass offerings that scratched easily and were hard to clean, gave many of today’s excellent hybrid bathroom fixtures an underserved bad rap.

One such “good” product is acrylic (tubs and showers). It starts with a unique molecular structure that makes acrylic chemical- and gunk-resistant. Its surface is high gloss and easy to clean and has beautiful color molded clear through. Scratches and dings can easily be buffed out.

Acrylic tubs are also warm to the touch and have very high heat retention. And from a design standpoint, today’s acrylic offerings are a work of art. Before you go buy another porcelain enamel cast- iron tub out of habit, check out acrylic.

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