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Powerflow Gas Pressure Washer

Briggs & Stratton® Experts Share their tips About Pressure Washing

Pressure washers make great all-in-one outdoor cleaning tools, but over time adding a few accessories can make a pressure washer even more functional for homeowners. The experts at Briggs & Stratton® (NYSE: BGG) have six tips for homeowners use pressure washer accessories, detergents and attachments to maximize convenience and save time spent cleaning outdoor spaces.
“It is important that homeowners know how to use their power washer accessories, detergents and attachments correctly so they can get back to entertaining, playing and relaxing outside.” says Dan Roche with Briggs & Stratton Portable Power & Cleaning Systems.
Following these six tips while using pressure washer accessories can help outdoor cleanup projects go smoothly and safely:
  1. Use the best attachment for the job: Save wear and tear on equipment as well as time, water and effort by using the right pressure washer attachment for each cleaning job. Be specific about what you need to accomplish (cleaning a glass patio table requires different equipment than blasting a second story window) and take the time to chose the proper attachment from your pressure washer arsenal. Pressure washer attachments and accessories from Briggs & Stratton fit most pressure washer models on the market.
  2. Match the right detergent to the task: A wide variety of pressure washer detergents are available for many different applications. A multi-purpose cleaner is perfect for heavily soiled areas around the outside of your home while a heavy-duty degreaser removes gas, oil and grease stains from garage floors and driveways. Wood surface cleaners are made specifically for use on wood decks, fences and siding while a vehicle wash detergent helps break down dirt, grime and grease from cars, trucks, boats, RV’s and more. The detergent you choose will have a big impact on the cleaning performance of your pressure washer.
  3. Let detergent soak: If using pressure washer detergent to clean difficult stains, be sure to let it soak for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. Detergent, through its composition, needs time to attach to a stain and lift it from the surface being cleaned.
  4. Use a rotating surface cleaner: Avoid uneven “zebra stripes” left by your pressure washer on garage floors, driveways, patios, sidewalks, decks and virtually any large, flat area, by using a surface cleaner attachment. Briggs & Stratton surface cleaners have dual high-pressure, rotating jets to break up dirt and grime with no streaking while the covered dome controls overspray to protect walls and flower beds.
  5. Extend reach: Increase the reach of your pressure washer without needing a ladder by adding extension wands. Propel water to gutters, soffits, second story windows and other hard-to-reach areas by securely threading together a three piece extension wand for an additional nine feet of range. It is also easy to extend existing pressure washer hoses or replace worn or damaged hoses with new 25-, 30- and 50-foot versions. Another option is to use the 2nd Story Nozzle Kit from Briggs & Stratton that includes a Jet Soap and Jet Flush nozzles designed to propel soap and water a greater distance than normal pressure washer nozzles.
  6. Change spray patterns with a multi-tip nozzle: Make changing spray patterns a snap with one convenient, multi-tip hose nozzle head and eliminate the potential of lost or damaged individual spray tips. Just push, turn and click the nozzle head (similar to a garden hose nozzle) to change spray patterns from pinpoint to wide fan for precise cleaning, as well as use detergent and flush options. Briggs & Stratton pressure washers with POWERflow+ Technology come standard with an exclusive 7-in-1 nozzle for one-handed use that allows users to not only change the spray pattern, but also change from high pressure to high flow mode without changing nozzles.
To learn more about Briggs & Stratton pressure washers accessories, visit briggsandstratton.com. Visit powerflowplus.com to see pressure washers with POWERflow+ Technology in action.


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