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5 Easy Steps to Installing a Flagpole

By on May 21, 2018
armed forces day

Armed Forces Day was created in 1949 as a way to show appreciation to our military men and women. Armed Forces Day is celebrated every year on the third Saturday of May, and in honor of this holiday of recognition, the On The House Team has crafted a flagpole installation guide. Because there is no better way to display your gratitude for our Armed Forces than proudly hoisting Ol’ Glory in your front yard.

In preparation for the installation of your flagpole, call 811 before you dig and find a place in your yard where the flagpole won’t be directly under any power lines. Ensure that you have  at least 2’ of clearance above the pole for flag movement.

The size of the hole will be determined by the flagpole manufacturer and the local building codes. A general rule of thumb is to dig a hole that is as deep as 10% of the total height of the pole. So, if you have a 30 foot pole, you should dig a 3 foot deep hole. Be sure to dig an extra 6 inches down to add 3 inches of gravel and 3 inches of sand.

Next, set your ground tube. The ground tube, sometimes also referred to as a foundation tube or ground sleeve, is usually a piece of PVC that comes with your flagpole. The inner diameter of the ground tube, should match pretty closely to the outer diameter of the flagpole base.

After that, plumb your ground sleeve, and pour your concrete around the sleeve. Be sure to keep the inside of the ground sleeve clean and concrete free. Pour the concrete to about ½ an inch from the top of the ground sleeve.

Re-plumb your ground sleeve and let the concrete cure for 24-48 hours.

Finally, install the hardware that is included, and raise your flagpole. Hoist Ol’ Glory, sit back, and enjoy the view of our nation’s flag dancing around in the wind.

To all the women and men out there wearing the uniform every day, the On The House Team thanks you for the sacrifices you have made, and will continue to make, to protect our freedoms.

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