2021 Scepter® SmartControl™ Awards Recognizes Individuals Practicing “Smart Control” in Challenging Situations – On the House

2021 Scepter® SmartControl™ Awards Recognizes Individuals Practicing “Smart Control” in Challenging Situations

By on July 1, 2021

$1,000 in Prizes for Four National Winners

These days, it’s really important to “keep your cool” in different situations. From potential road rage circumstances to easing rising tensions in a workplace argument, exercising control is essential.

Now Scepter® is launching an annual program to salute those people who have exhibited smart control in unique situations. The company is partnering with On the House with the Carey Brothers nationwide home improvement radio show to find and honor individuals who have gone “above and beyond” to exercise control during a challenging event.

The 2021 Scepter® SmartControl Awards program will honor four U.S. residents who have used good judgment in stressful situations during the past two years. It could be keeping your calm during an escalating situation at the ballpark or helping direct traffic around a car accident. It could be jumping in to perform CPR on someone or creatively dealing with students via Zoom this past year as a teacher.

“In 2020 our company designated the month of July as Fuel Safety Month,” says Daniel Marshall, vice president of marketing for Scepter, manufacturers of Scepter® SmartControl fuel containers. “This is a time each year we focus on fuel safety in the home, at work and in recreational activities.

“We recognize that safety comes in many forms. And, we realize that people sometimes have to demonstrate high levels of sensibility and control to keep a situation safe. That’s why we created the Scepter SmartControl Awards program. This is a great way to shine a spotlight on smart decisions people make. Whether it’s safely filling up a fuel container with gas during the fuel shortage earlier this year, or a nurse offering support to a family whose loved one passed away from COVID-19, we know there are many ways people act safely to benefit themselves and others. We want to hear those stories and honor people for doing the right thing in a stressful situation.”

Marshall encourages people to enter the contest and share stories of how they have exhibited smart control in the past two years (2019 to 2021). Four winners will each receive a $250 cash prize, plus a 5-gallon Scepter SmartControl rear-handle gas container.

Entries into the nationwide contest will be accepted July 1 – 31, 2021 at the On the House website. People can tell their story (in 250 words or less) about how they have exhibited “smart control” while at work, at home or during a recreational time with family and/or friends. 

Constructed in North America, Scepter fuel containers can be found online and throughout the U.S. in major retailers like The Home Depot®, Walmart®, Lowe’s®, AutoZone®, Pep Boys, Target and Northern® Tool + Equipment stores. Visit www.scepter.com for more information.

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